Classes and Coaching

We are excited to offer our members a variety of classes and coaching options at a price everyone can afford!

Ninja Team

competitive ninja training for Kids & adults
ages 7 to 77
Ninja Team is for athletes that want to train & compete in UNAA, FINA, and Local ninja events for kids and adults ages 7 and up! Our team consists of 2 to 3 practices per week with elite Ninja Coaches and fitness coaches. It will also include diet education. No matter what your age, there's an age group for you!

Functional Fitness classes

This class focuses on using the methods of both Functional Fitness and Bodybuilding to help you attain the physique you have always wanted while teaching you to move like an athlete!
*Each class will be 1hr long, including Warm- Up, group workout, and cool down. Classes are for adults only (Ages 16+).

Personal training

One on one personal training offered by our experienced personal trainers. No matter what your fitness level, we can customize a fitness program for you.

Strength Training - Agility Training - Weight Loss - Physique training, One on one Ninja

Ninja Training

Kids from ages 5-12 and Adults 13+; are welcome to join our staff lead Ninja Warrior Classes; where they will focus on learning proper form and technique to efficiently navigate our Ninja Warrior Obstacles! Each Class will be approx. 1 Hr long including Warm up, technique and skill practice and stretching.

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