Ninja Summer Camp 2022




Come learn how to be a kid Ninja Warrior! Learn some of the obstacles from the popular TV Show “ American Ninja Warrior” and “American Ninja Warrior Junior”  and learn new ninja skills!

 Meet Daniel Gil and Nate Burkhalter  “Illuminate” & Caleb Bergstrom from American nInja Warrior and Phil Folsom, Tyler Smith, and Elizabeth Polsgrove “Lightning Liz” from American Ninja Warrior  and many more!

Ages: 6 to 12

Meet & Greet Friday June 10th 5 pm to 9 pm ( Meet all the pros, hear some of their stories) $25

Lost Island Warrior is a 25,000 square foot ninja warrior obstacle outdoor gym training gym with over 40 obstacles, bounce houses, warped walls and so much more you’ll feel like you are on the TV show.!


THIS IS AN OUTDOOR CAMP & CLINIC all week – Bring Sunscreen, Hats, and plenty of water!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to swing properly

  • How to beat the warped wall ( 8’, 10’, 12’)

  • How to climb a rope

  • Speed & agility drills

  • Parkour fun

  • How to go through balance courses

  • How to conquer monkey bars and rings

  • And so much more…



Some of the Amazing Ninjas you will meet over the weekend


Meet “Daniel Gil” Winner  from 2020 American Ninja Warrior Season on June 9th Last day of camp!

Also meet Kaden Forsha, Caleb Keener,  and Ninja Chef Jaleesa on last day of Camp!

All other American Ninja Warriors will be at the Pro-Clinic and/or at the Evening Meet & Greet/warrior testimonies held at Peak City Church .


Meet Daniel Gil: Winner of 2020 American Ninja Warrior

                             Speed run:

Meet ILLUMINATE Nate Burkhalter (will be at camp all week):

Meet Kaden Lebsack

Maggi Thorne:

Caleb Bergstrom:

Phil Folsom:

Tyler Smith:

Sam Folsom:


Caleb Keener:

Kaden “Chatterbox” Forsha:

Gnarly Nate’s run here:

Meet Taylor Greene:


Meet Ninja Chef Jaleesa:


Meet Emily Keener:,294828

Meet Hans Hertz:

Meet Jonah “the ninjaneer” Taggart:

Meet Elijah “the Boss” Browning:

Meet Elizabeth Polsgrove:




The last day on Thursday will consist of many of the  pros including Daniel Gil “Kingdom Ninja” and Nate Burkhalter and Caleb Begstrom, Phil & Sam Folsom and Tyler Smith coming to help along with an awards ceremony on the last day (June 9th) and then a huge training clinic with a lot more of the pros on Friday June 10th followed by an evening of meet and greet and many of the pros sharing their life stories! You won’t want to miss this!


TEEN/PARENT VOLUNTEERS needed: Does your teen want to volunteer for something amazing or needs volunteer hours! or wants some free passes to the gym: You will be interviewed and must provide references

Interested in being a summer camp volunteer?:


NOTE: This is a Christian based Ninja camp and event, Christian music will be played and we will pray before and after each day plus share faith based stories and examples. Many of the ninjas attending this event are Christians as well.


CAMP/CLINIC/EVENT DIRECTOR: Suzanne Himka is a Certified Ninja and Strength coach and has been coaching ninja warrior summer camps for the past 6 years in the Colorado Springs area. She has been a tester for American Ninja Warrior 3 years and has competed and won on a popular TV Show “American Gladiators” and won Amateur Female Ninja Wolfpack Tour, Top Five Strongest Ninja in the World and OCR World Age Group Championships this year in 15K, and 3K . She loves to bring fun and fitness together with ninja and encourages kids to conquer obstacles and be warriors both on and off the course!


Watch a youtube video filmed at Lost Island Warrior Gym:

Camp Options

Camp Only, Camp+1 day after care, camp +.2 days aftercare, camp + 3 days aftercare, camp + 4 days aftercare

Event Details

Start date: June 06, 2022

End date: June 09, 2022

Start time: 09:00 a.m. MST

End time: 12:00 p.m. MST

Venue: Lost Island Warrior Gym

Directions: 1825 Dominion Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Phone: 7192322049


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