UNAA Endurance competition


American Ninja Warrior Fans!  Come test your skills on an endurance course at Lost Island Warrior Ninja Gym!


The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) is one of the largest and most established ninja warrior style obstacle course racing leagues in the world. We’re excited to be hosting a Season 8 World Ninja Athlete Games (WNAG) Qualifier at Lost Island Warrior in Colorado Springs!


There are divisions for children starting at age 6 through masters division (40+) and every age in between.


This is an endurance style course including age appropriate obstacles and distances ( rope climb, rings, rigs, grip strength, and more)


Come try your skills at the UNAA Athlete World Ninja Games on an endurance style course and compete against many gyms in the nation competing on same standardized course!


Date: March 11,  2023

Location: Lost Island Warrior Inside Gym,

6060 Hollow Tree Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 ( Next to back sided of  Flex gym)


Cost: $50

Time Limit: 7 minute time limit to complete the whole course!


REGISTER HERE: https://ninjamasterapp.com/events/4059-world-ninja-athlete-games-lost-island-warrior


Age Divisions ( Male and Female Divisions) : (It is based on your age as of January 1, 2023)

7U (ages 5-7)

9U (ages 8-9)

11U (ages 10-11)

13 U (ages 12-13)

15 U (ages 14-15)

Amateur (ages 16-39)

Masters (ages 40+)

Pro (Must be at least 13)


Top 3 in the World Rankings in each age division Qualify directly  to World Finals in the following events in July 26-30 in Orlando, FL,  USA. You would be qualified in

  • World Ninja Athlete Games Championships

  • UNAA World Series Finals

  • Ninja World Cup ( represent USA)

Top 3 in each age group  at this local event qualifies athletes to:

  • UNAA World Series Regional ( Several dates available)

  • Ninja World Cup


The TOP 10 per class in the World Ranking, will qualify Direct to UNAA World Series Finals and Also World Ninja Athlete Games Championships in Orlando, Fl in July. ( The special medals are huge)

The Top 3 per class and/or top 50% in each age group in Each Gym qualify to UNAA Regionals AND Top 3 in each age group qualify for Ninja World Cup!


This event is like an Olympic Time Trials for All ages! Anyone can try and test their score against others their age in this event!


Awards given to the top 3 in each age group! Podium follows each age division


This is a unique competition where you can practice everything before you post your score!


Time: (Tentative schedule- will depend on number of participants signed up)

Saturday, March 11th All ages groups in one day!


9 am 7 U ( ages 5-7) (This is only time for the 7U course as it is adjusted. Awards follow last competitor)

11 am 9 U (Ages 8 and 9)

2 pm 11 U ( ages 10-11)


5 pm 13 U  (ages 12 and older)

7pm 15U. Amateurs, Masters and PROS


RUN IT EARLIER IN WEEK  ( If can’t make it March 11th , no problem we can arrange a time between March 5th-12th for you to compete on the course!

Sunday, March 5th ( by appointment) (any age group)

Tuesday, March 7th 6:30 pm to 8;30 pm (any age group)

Thursday, March 9th 2 pm to 4pm (any age group)

Friday, March 10th  ( Can be available by appointment all day) (OPEN gym available 5;30 pm to 7;30 pm )


You can come practice the course at Lost Island Indoor Gym  during any open gym time.

For all who register early, we will send open gym times that are predictable for you to come practice the course components. They will be up at our gym no later than Feb 17th


 We always have open gym Wednesdays 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.


Videos of Full Course Rules of What to expect on Video here: ( Filmed at a different location) 

WNAG Adult 12+ course –https://youtu.be/XjNXUCD08nI

WNAG Kids 11U Course- https://youtu.be/sFMIId6LOWI

WNAG Kids 7U Course-  https://youtu.be/BfdIZOJVTV4


Here is a the sample general layout of course for ages 8-11 ( adult course is similar but longer distances)

Quintuple Steps

4” PVC Roller  walk on it  6ft

Horizontal rope Traverse 20 feet

 Rings- 9 rings for 32 feet

Peg Board- 6ft ( 7 year olds just monkey bar)

Rope Climb-12ft— Its 8 feet for kids 7U and 15 feet for adults

100ft Run

Quintuple Steps –

10ft Balance Beam- elevated 24”- 3ft jump to dismount

Grips – 4ft gap for 20ft (6 grips)

Laches –40ft at 4ft gaps ( 7 year olds Skip  this one)

Rope Climb-12ft

100ft Run

Quintuple Steps

4”PVC Roller x 6ft

Cliff Hanger x 16ft to ring bell 1ft beyond and 1ft above last rail on cliffhanger board

Horizontal rope traverse to Rings- 4ft gaps only = 32 ft ( 9 rings)

Rope Climb- 12ft

100ft Run—hit buzzer


Any Questions about this event

Contact Event Director, Suzanne Himka at suzannehimka@gmail.com

Event Details

Date: March 11, 2023

Start time: 08:00 a.m. MDT


Directions: 6060 HOLLOW TREE COURT : Follow the signs -- Location entrance and parking is BEHIND Flex Gym past the huge tires. You'll see a green sign and a blue door.

Email: suzannehimka@gmail.com

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